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SPZ Research Stereozoom

Our Premier stereozoom  model. Modular design,  up to 10:1 zoom ratio with many options.

Stereo microscopes are ideal for applications requiring lower magnifications with the ability to provide 3 dimensional imaging with a large depth-of-field. Perfect for assembly, manufacturing, and inspection for biomedical, semiconductor, and industrial use.

Our stereo microscope line covers a wide range of magnifications and features. Our premier research grade stereozoom models, the SPZ and RZ, can be configured for magnifications from 2.4x to 320x with modules for dual viewing, cameras, ergonomic ‘tilting’ heads, coaxial illumination, and more.

We only provide microscope models proven to meet our requirements for quality, optical performance, and long service life.


A full line of Stereo Zoom microscope models offered with a wide range of features to fit all budgets. Research Grade to basic models.

SZ 645 Stereozoom

Excellent 6.3:1 using Greenough zoom optical system, available with camera port. Sealed design

SZ 445 Stereozoom

General purpose, low cost stereozoom. Features 4.3:1 zoom optics and compact design.

Boom Arm Stands

Various boom arm style stands. Base styles; plate, clamp, articulating arm. Focus arms.

Table Stands

Track style focus bases. Many options to choose from including X/Y mechanical stages.

StereoZoom 4

Used worldwide for decades. Well Known for ease of use and durability. A direct replacement

StereoZoom 4 microscope - 4:1 zoom in a classic classic design used worldwide SPZ1000 ergonomic 10:1 stereozoom on track stand with Slimline 40 LED illuminator SZ645 trinocular 6:1 stereozoom on track stand with LED 40 illuminator SZ445 4.3:1 stereozoom on track stand

ERGO Extender Module

Improve operator posture with our ERGO module. Increases optical depth to 275mm.

SPZ1000 ergonomic 10:1 stereozoom on boom arm stand with LED3000 illuminator Dual arm boom stand with linear bearings for smooth motion Tall track stand with optional XY stage and substage illumination

Replacement Lenses

Eyepieces, objectives, filters and replacement lenses for most microscope makes and models.

Replacement objectives, eyepieces and filters for most microscope makes/models
ERGO extender module for improved operator posture and reduced chance of workman comp claims