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SZ645 Series Stereo Zoom Laboratory Microscope

Laboratory grade 6.3:1 stereozoom microscope system. Best-of-class 115mm standard working distance.


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Flurolux LLG Data Sheet-091010.pdf

The SZ645 laboratory stereo zoom series offers superb optical performance for the most demanding applications. The system is designed using a Greenough parallel optical system for crisp, distortion-free, high-resolution images. The SZ645 series has an air-tight, anti-fungal body design to maintain high quality optical performance in rugged conditions. The SZ645 is available in 45° binocular or ‘true’ trinocular camera ready models.  The trinocular model features simultaneous viewing and camera port operation.

We can also provide complete turn-key specialty systems using our wide selection of stands, stages, highly accurate measurement systems, light sources, and cameras to fulfill your inspection needs.

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SZ645 6.3:1 stereo zoom  laboratory microscope SZ645 6.3:1 Stereozoom laboratory microscope on table stand with Proline 40 LED ring illumination 2 position objective swing-out adapter installed

Objective swing-out adapter NYOPTICS Exclusive!


SZ645 on large laboratory chemical resistant table stand with objective swing-out adapter installed

Custom hard-anodized stand with EcoPHOT LED illuminator NYOPTICS Exclusive!