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nyoptics corporation INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS and EXPERTISE in Microscopy ... Since 1971

Halogen 150 / 250 watt

High output halogen general purpose illuminators. Available with optional remote control.

We feature the highest quality microscopy illumination line from Techniquip Corp in addition to our custom illumination solutions.

 Our products are built in California using the finest quality components. All of the lighting systems and components are proven designs with high reliability.

Made in USA

Light sources for all applications. We offer LED, halogen, metal halide, and hybrid models.

UV to NIR, we cover the spectrum.

Microscope illumination spectrum

Specialty Lighting

UV, NIR LED and Halogen sources Museum light sources. custom specification light sources.

LED Ring Illuminators

UV /Vis / NIR LED ring illuminators. Models from 30, 40, 80 LED with quadrant and remote control

LED Fiber Optic

High output LED illuminator equiv 150 watt halogen. Choice of color temperatures, RS232 control

Flexible Light Guides

Choose from range of fiber core size, end tips, sheathing and length.

Gooseneck Light Guides

Sta-put flexible light guides in single, double, and triple outputs with or without lenses

Liquid light guides for high transmittance

Liquid Light Guides

High transfer efficiency for UV and visible light applications. Ideal for use with Flurolux light source

Annular Light Guides

Wide selection of diameters with choices of end tips, sheathing, and length.

Microscope LED ring light illuminator - Made in USA Microscope annular fiber optics Microscope Flexible fiber optic light guides - custom configurations FOI series halogen light sources Microscope fiber optic ring light systems - Made in USA
Techniquip Prolux LED high output illuminator - greater output that 150 watt halogen with > 50% energy savings Gooseneck fiber optic light guides with Sta-Put positioning