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Liquid Light Guides (LLG) employ a sealed liquid core to carry light in a manner similar to fiber optic cables and bundlles. The use of proprietary liquid light transmitting media results in higher uniformity and optical transmission characteristics compared to traditional fiber bundles, especially in the UV spectrum. This fact makes LLGs ideal for UV curing , fluorescence microscopy, and forensics applications.

LLGs transmit light better than quartz and glass fiber bundles primarily because they do not suffer the packing losses. LLGs also offer a 2x greater numerical aperature (NA) to gather more coupled input light than glass or quartz fiber bundles.

Liquid light guides generate very uniform illumination and are not subject to problems associated with fiber breakage, which causes dead spots in the output of traditional fiber bundles. LLG output light has the additional advantage of being very cool due to the intrinsic IR-blocking properties of the liquid medium.

LLG - Liquid Light Guides

High Efficiency Light Guides designed for UV and visible light applications.


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Flurolux LLG Data Sheet-091010.pdf