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nyoptics corporation INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS and EXPERTISE in Microscopy ... Since 1971 Upright and inverted biological microscopes for your biomedical requirementsl. Models for all budgets from research to academic and clinical applications Metallurgical microscopes for semiconductor, industrial, and gemology

Biomedical Systems

A range of biomed inverted and upright models to fit budgets and  applications


We offer solutions for semiconductor, industrial, and custom applications

Video Zoom System

Turnkey zoom inspection systems custom built to your specifications

Custom motorized wafer inspection solutions. Brightfield, darkfield, Infrared, bottomside inspections - wafers from 4 - 12 inch LED fluorescence microscope systems using FRAEN modules Macro lenses and zoom lenses for all you needs Motorized wafer and die inspection systems Wafer loaders for retrofit on existing microscopes. Extremely reliable for 4" to 12" wafers

Macro Inspection

We offer a wide range of solutions for macro inspection and machine vision

Motorized Systems

Custom inspection die/wafer  stations up to 12” BF/DF/IR with 39um resolution

Wafer Loaders

We can retrofit your microscopes with waferloaders to handle 4-12” wafers

LED Fluorescence

We offer high quality LABOMED biological with FRAEN LED fluorescence system

Zoom macro and micro inspection systems to your specifications
Stereozoom microscopes and accessories

Stereo Microscopes

Wide range of stereo microscopes for all industries. Proven quality and durability


We feature top quality microscope systems with proven performance and quality. We know our products because we have dismantled most models to evaluate their durability in high use applications.

We also manufacture custom inspection systems featuring microscope and macroscope optics with high resolution motorized X/Y stages up to 12”x12” manual control and software control.

 Our custom systems are built in California using the finest quality components chosen for their proven designs and high reliability.

Made in USA

Microscope and Macroscope systems for all industries. We can provide solutions for fall your microscopy requirements