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Motorized XYZ Inspection System

Configurable Motorized Inspection system for semiconductor or biomedical industry.


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Nyoptics offers a wide range of motorized inspection systems for semiconductor and biomedical companies. The systems are fully configurable for many industries with precision 39nm resolution motion control. Stage motion for X, Y, Z, theta are via customizable computer control recipes and joystick.

We offer many illumination options: Visible/NIR transmitted and reflected (ideal for MEMS inspection), co-axial brightfield and darkfield topside and bottomside (wafer alignment inspection),UV, DIC phase contrast. Our lighting is comprised of our high output custom LED and halogen for visible, UV, NIR illumination.

Our motorized inspection systems are available with adjustable height table surfaces with radiused front edges for operator comfort and efficiency. The motorized motion is quiet and smooth, allowing operators to find the correct working position to eliminate fatigue.

All systems are designed and built in the USA using only the finest materials and USA sourced components for a proven high reliability record.

We offer many optional systems and accessories to complete the package, from LED custom lighting to microscope and optical systems for inspection, rework, and micro-assembly tasks. We can also custom design build stations and software to your specifications.

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6” capable simultaneous view IR transmitted and BF topside wafer inspection system.