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Microscopy Camera Products

Lumenera Cameras

Wide range of digital cameras  CCD, CMOS, Peltier cooled, color, monochrome, HD, 1.4 - 32MP

Our wide range of analog and digital cameras will fulfill requirements in all microscopy applications and industrial imaging. We have carefully chosen models that have proven reliable in heavy use. All digital tethered models provide complete software packages for PC and MAC

CCD and CMOS sensors models. Resolutions up to 32 megapixel. Peltier cooled versions - color or monochrome. Models for use with or without computer.

Pixera CCD Cameras

We can provide the perfect replacement camera for your obsolete Pixera cameras.

H D Format Cameras

Stand-alone, no computer needed models using HDMI interfaces. Models from Sentech, Lumenera

Analog Cameras

Traditional CCD and CMOS video cameras for NTSC and PAL formats.

S-video and composite outputs.

C-Mount Adapters

Adapters for mounting cameras to all makes/models of microscopes.

Zoom Lenses

Manual and motorized c-mount zoom lenses. Macro and micro models.

Fixed magnification c-mount lenses for industrial automation

Fixed Mag Lenses

C-mount non-zoom lenses for industrial  applications.

S-Video Accessories

Cross-hair generators, s-video to VGA converters, capture modules.

Sentech HD133DV 720p High Definition camera S-video crosshair generators, split screen, and VGA converters C-mount microscope adapters for Nikon, Olympus, Leica, and most other makes Lumenera Infinity camera models Lumenera 3 series for the finest image capture in research S-video CCD analog cameras - NTSC and PAL formats We offer replacement cameras for your existing Pixera cameras
Zoom c-mount lenses for all camera models