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nyoptics corporation INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS and EXPERTISE in Microscopy ... Since 1971 DVPG Dual Camera Switcher, Split Screen, Video Reticle Generator - NTSC, PAL, EIA, S-video, RS170 Composite

S-Video Accessories

Dual Input Generator

DVPG dual camera split screen, switcher, 7 pattern reticle generator S-video, RS170, VGA

Nyoptics offers a range of S-video cameras, split screen, and cross hair generators. S-video is still heavily used in industrial and medical systems. We only provide performance proven cameras and components.

We have many solutions available for S-video applications. If you do not find a camera or component that is required for your application, contact us for other options we can provide.

We also offer a selection of camera optical couplers for all microscope makes and models, as well as a wide range of lenses to complete your project.

DCG-200M and DVPG Digital Crosshair Generators with optional split screen and dual camera switcher
DCG-200M Digital Video Reticle Generator - NTSC, PAL, EIA, S-video, RS170 composite

Crosshair Generator

DCG-200M crosshair generator with digital circuitry, 7 patterns.

S-video, RS170 composite

Analog Cameras

Traditional CCD and CMOS video cameras for NTSC and PAL formats. S-video and composite outputs.

S-Video Analog Microscope Cameras