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nyoptics corporation INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS and EXPERTISE in Microscopy ... Since 1971 Techniquip FOI series halogen illuminator shown with annular fiber optic light guide

The fiber optic illuminator product line from Techniquip .

Techniquip offers the most reliable fiber illuminators on the market. They have manufactured over 250,000 of their FOI series alone. Their products are Made in America using the highest quality components available. The designs represent years of experience refining the products to ensure long service life and high reliability.


We offer the widest range of fiber and liquid light guide illuminators to cover all spectrums.

Techniquip Model 21 DC regulated output 150 watt halogen illuminator

21DC Regulated Halogen

General purpose 150 watt halogen with DC regulated output for industrial automation applications.

Techniquip FOI-150 general purpose 150 watt halogen illuminator - over 800,000 sold

FOI-150 General use

150 watt halogen with optional corded remote control. Over 800,000 sold worldwide

Techniquip FOI-250 high output general purpose 250 watt halogen illuminator - no IR blocking filter

FOI-250 High Output

General purpose high output 250 watt halogen light source. No IR filter

21AC Halogen

General purpose 150 watt halogen for industrial automation applications

Techniquip Model 21AC general purpose 150 watt halogen illuminator


Higher output than FOI-150 halogen but uses 50-80% less energy.

Techniquip Prolux LED high output fiber optic illuminator 150+ watt equivalent at < 50% energy