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Proline 30 LED Ring

Small diameter design for use with microscope objectives.

We are proud to offer the complete line of LED ring illuminators from Techniquip Corporation.  All models feature the highest quality, long life, high output LEDs from Japan. The LEDs are bin selected for consistent color from ring light to ring light. All models feature a proprietary constant-current controller for full dimming without change in color. Some models offer segment control.

In addition to the standard LED ring light products we can provide custom models to your specification. LED wavelengths from 375nm to 1550nm. Need a dual ring illuminator with white light on one ring and UV or IR on the other ring? We can provide this and more.

Made in USA


We offer the finest range of LED ring illuminators Available in visible and UV - NIR wavelengths.

All Made in America for quality.

Proline 40 LED Ring

40 LED with quadrant control

(10 LED x 4) with full intensity  control.

Proline 80n LED Ring

Individual intensity control of inner and outer rings of 40 LED each. Greater working distances.

Proline 80 LED Ring

Adds segment control on inner and outer rings. 2 rows 4 x 10 LEDs. HDMI cable interface.

Slimline 40 ESD-safe

Our popular Slimline 40 model with an ESD safe body and grounding connector/cable.

LED Special Spectrum

We can build to your specifications 375nm - 1550nm LEDs. Use LED30, LED40, and LED80 platforms

Proline 882 LED Ring

Larger 82mm ID fits new generation Nikon Objectives. Proline 80 LED specs

Slimline 40 LED Ring

Low cost 40 LED compact design. Integrated controller with high output LEDs.

Proline 30 LED Microscope Ring Light. Small I.D=1.76" fits microscope objectives Proline 80 LED Microscope Ring Illuminator with quadrant control. Fits I.D = 2.63" (66mm) lenses Proline 80n LED Microscope Ring Illuminator. Fits I.D = 2.63" (66mm) lenses. No quadrant control of LEDs. Proline 40 LED Microscope Ring Illuminator. Fits I.D = 2.63" (66mm) lenses and objectives Slimline 40 LED Microscope Ring Illuminator - ESD safe. Complete with grounding cable. Fits I.D = 2.63" (66mm) lenses Slimline 40 LED Microscope Ring Illuminator. Compact polymer case with integrated electronics. Fits I.D = 2.63" (66mm) lenses Techniquip LED 40 ESD safe microscope ring light
Techniquip Proline 882 LED ring illuminator with 82mm inside diameter for large objective lenses Custom LED ring lights - IR, UV, custom spectrum to your specifications