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Proline 882 LED Ring Light

Proline 80 LED microscope ring light - Techniquip made in USATechniquip Proline 882 controller

The Proline 882 was designed to accommate the new generation 82mm Nikon objective lenses. The design provides a very wide range of working distances from 3.5” - 5” using LEDs set to different precise angles in 2 rings of 40 inner and outer LEDs. The anodized, precision CNC precision machined aluminum housing assures precise alignment of the LED light path and can accept up to 82mm diamter lenses. The housing also provides additional cooling for longer LED life. The Proline 882 features 2 rings of 4 segment control of 10 LEDs each. The remote contoller uses a constant current design to maintain a constant color temperature and provide full individual intensity adjustment from 5% - 100% for each ring.

Top quality high brightness LEDs are used to ensure long life and high output. The LEDs are color binned to maintain consistency of white color.

Excellent replacement for aging fluorescent ring light systems. Long life >20,000 hrs (typ.) saves costs  of replacement lamps.

Note: Due to the highly directional nature of LEDs light, applications involving highly reflective surfaces may require use of polarization or use traditional fluorescent ring lighting.

Large diameter 80 LED ring light with dual rings and individual quadrant control of each ring.


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