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ERGO Extender Block

Ergonomic extender for SPZ, Nikon SMZ, Unitron Z series and more.:

This is THE solution for more working room between operator seated position and the microscope optics path.

The ERGO Module adds 3" additional room for your Nikon SMZ800, SMZ1000, SMZ1270, SMZ1500 as well as our SPZ series. Provides a better option to the pricy extended eyetube heads with much less chance of eyetube bending damage and mis-alignment.

Ideal for inspection areas where a more upright seated position and added work room are needed. Perfect for biomedical device inspection, large semiconductor wafer inspection, etc.

The ERGO extender modules can be adapted to many other makes of modular construction stereozoom microscopes.

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Ergonomic extender module for Nikon SMZ Stereozoom microscopes


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SPZ 1000 with extender optical module - Fits Nikon SMZ and our SPZ series for improved operator inspection posture

Ergonomic Extender Block

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