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Conformal Coating UV Inspection Booths

Our manual inspection booths can provide the perfect environment for PC board conformal coating inspection. We can configure our systems with special output UV LED illumination panels for the highest coating inspection performance with long life and low energy costs. We can additionally provide white light visible inspection capability as well as camera based inspection. Our custom designed and built inspection stations are in use at major pharmaceutical and biomedical companies and have a proven high reliability record.

The inspection booth systems and tables can be provided with motorized adjustable height work surfaces to accommodate operators of all heights for comfort and efficiency. The motorized motion is quiet and smooth, allowing operators to find the correct working position to eliminate fatigue. All systems are designed and built in the USA using only the finest materials for a long operational life.

Ergonomic conformal coating inspection compact booth - ErgoVu-30UV




Ideal choice for:



WALL Mount Booth – UV bottom illumination (WB-UV1)

WALL Mount Booth – UV top illumination (WB-UV2)

WALL Mount Booth – UV top/bottom illumination (WB-UV12)

Ergonomic Motorized Table Booth – UV bottom only illumination (MEB-UV100)

Ergonomic Motorized Table Booth – UV top only illumination (MEB-UV101)

Ergonomic Motorized Table Booth – UV top and bottom illumination (MEB-UV110)

Ergonomic conformal coating inspection large booth - ErgoVu-60UV